• Comfort Ye. . . Ev'ry Valley from The Messiah
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  • Ian McEuen
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  • Der Meistertön und Weisen from Die Meistersinger
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  • Ian McEuen
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"Director Tara Faircloth used the supporting cast to advantage in a production that was at once fairly conventional — set around the time the opera was written, in the early 20th century — and quietly inventive, particularly in its use of the backstage area in Act II,...


"Mayes makes for a compellingly sinister and seething Sweeney, internally miserable but taking an outwardly visible delight in planning and exacting his revenge; his strongest emotional attachment is, believably, to his razors."
 -Atlanta Journal Constitution

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‘“Florida” certainly had strong moments, not least Florida herself: Sharin Apostolou was terrific playing a curious, vibrant teenager with a vivid and seemingly tireless soprano voice. . . "Ian McEuen offered a firm, darkening tenor and a range of brief, vivid characte...


"Ian McEuen returns to the WNO stage as Goro and fares well in this stylized version of Madame Butterfly, scooting around the stage, rapping open a fan loudly, and in other ways manipulating his every deal with crisp visual clarity."- DC Theatre Scene

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"Another standout contribution was the Toby of Ian McEuen, another performer who completely understood the style." -Opera News

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