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"Alfonso, even as he intends to show the weakness of women, could not pull off his ridiculous shenanigans without one. He pays for the support of the sisters’ housemaid, played with hilarious stage presence by Sharin Apostolou. A versatile performer, she won acclaim la...


"Polly is wise to doubt Macheath, who is loyal to no woman. He is a regular at the brothel, where Jenny, played by soprano Sharin Apostolou, is in charge of the prostitutes, and he returns to her again and again despite their antagonistic relationship. Apostolou, with...


‘“Florida” certainly had strong moments, not least Florida herself: Sharin Apostolou was terrific playing a curious, vibrant teenager with a vivid and seemingly tireless soprano voice. . . "Ian McEuen offered a firm, darkening tenor and a range of brief, vivid characte...


"The stand out performer for me was tenor Matthew Vickers who sang the role of Arnold. . .  he sang beautifully and his voice had that metallic resonance. . . We had the experience of hearing a coloratura soprano, Sharin Apostolou, singing a pants role, and she had the...


"Only Sharin Apostolou, as Nell Gwynn, was consistently audible (although not entirely intelligible), consistently musical, and consistently in character: her bombastic, borderline-incompetent audition-piece was all the more hilarious for being carefully studied and ho...

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