Vickers in world premiere video release of "Risurrezione"

Early in 2020, Matthew Vickers made his debut with Maggio Musicale Fiorentino as Prince Dimitri in "Risurrezione" by Franco Alfano.

One year later, the performance has been released in a world premiere video recording. Watch the trailer and then get your copy here:

Reviews for Matthew as Prince Dimitri:

"Dimitri, the Prince, is Matthew Vickers, a solid and athletic American tenor, who is discovered in this recording. Noble, passionate, dignified and generous, his acting and his warm, powerful and long voice allow him to devote complete truth to the character. In addition to his duets, he is entrusted with a few arias, brief and welcome, which he remarkably characterizes." - Forum Opera (translated from French)

"the excellent tenor Matthew Vickers as a perfect acting and singing partner. With hardly a moment in which he is not partnering Duprels in extended duets, Vickers still shines vocally with a lovely lyric voice that can deliver heft when heft is needed. And he is an honest actor, utterly convincing as Prince Dimitri Ivanovich Nehlyudov." - Rafael Music Notes