In Review: Colaneri leads "The Ghosts of Versailles" with the Chateau de Versailles Spectacles



“At the head of the Royal Opera Orchestra, Joseph Colaneri leads instrumentalists and singers in this complex score, of which he masters the shifting distribution between the different instruments. He also ensures a good sound balance between singers and orchestra, in which the voices are highlighted.” (translated from French)                        


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“In the pit, Joseph Colaneri, musical director of the Glimmerglass festival, imposes an unstoppable thoroughness for this score whose moments of apparent confusion (the finale of the first act, for example) are nonetheless expertly organized. And congratulations to the brand new Royal Opera Orchestra, formed for the occasion, which delicately distils all the diversity of colors desired by John Corigliano.” (translated from French)

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“The orchestration is very rich in terms of timbre and the performances of the musicians under the direction of conductor Joseph Colaneri reach a real feat!” (translated from French)   

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