Mayes gives a "formidable" Sweeney Todd with the Bergen National Opera

"The success of this precarious balance act is primarily due to the production of the show's two central characters: Sweeney Todd and his hostess, Mrs. Lovett - who make "the worst pies in London". The American baritone Michael Mayes, who sings Sweeney Todd, not only has an absolutely formidable voice, he has a fiercely scenic presence. In his version, Todd becomes a frightening, demonic figure who fills and dominates the stage room with vengeful and murderous fantasies."

-Bergens Tidende (Translated from Norwegian)

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"As usual under Operation Chief Mary Miller, the solo ensemble was impeccable, with singers mainly picked from the top shelf within the Anglo-American opera and theater world. It's as if American Michael Mayes was created for the leading role, with his raw and powerful baritone and almost Frankenstein-like appearance."


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