In Review: Andersons lends her "generous, throbbing mezzo" to Philadelphia Three Oranges

"All were notable and deserving of mention, but I was especially impressed by the four leading female roles. . . and contralto Alissa Anderson as Princess Clarissa, the king’s scheming niece, menacing in fox-hunting attire."


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“Alissa Anderson, a fast-rising contralto, deserves to graduate to a more substantial assignment than the one she’s given here, as the King’s conniving niece who plots to usurp the throne for herself.” -Broad Street Review

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"Texas contralto Alissa Anderson, on whose Maddalena I had reported earlier this year was the villainous Princess Clarice. . . Both Altman and Anderson were persuasive in their vocal projection of evil intent."

-Opera Warhorses

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"As the plotting duo Princess Clarissa and Leander, Allissa Anderson and Zachary Altman oozed mellifluous malintent. Ms. Anderson’s generous, throbbing mezzo made the most of her every utterance"

-Opera Today

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