Sanders impresses with his "clarion, bright-toned tenor" in Glimmerglass "Ghosts of Versailles"



"The villainous Patrick Honoré Bégearss is served up with obvious relish, with a side of scenery to chew on, by Christian Sanders. Mr. Sanders’ clarion, bright-toned tenor sailed through the treacherous Aria of the Worm with nary a problem, undaunted by the tessitura or imposing orchestration."                    
- Opera Today


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"Christian Sanders showed himself to be a powerful tenor and strong stage communicator as the despicable villain through numerous reprises of 'Aria of the Worm' in what clearly was intended as a great crowd pleaser. He pranced and hissed and staggered on the stage as if he had been coached by Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'"

-DC Theatre Scene


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"Christian Sanders revealed a ringing tenor that seems destined for distinction..."

- Bachtrack

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"Christian Sanders was superb as Bégearss, never more so than when he was abusing Tucker Reed Breder’s Wilhelm."

- Seen and Heard International


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