Wood hailed for "The Juliet Letters" at UrbanArias

"Conductor Robert Wood have created a wholly original interpretation of Costello’s quixotic exploration of love in all its facets: raw, wanting, hurting, grasping, embracing, soaring, sorrowing...Musically delightful and demanding, the cast and orchestra unite soul deep to provide a non-stop web of sound and phrasing that arch, catlike, around the sinews of the heart. . .

The orchestra, led by Wood, was perfectly twined with the ensemble. Creating mood and counterpoint, leading and following, the entire cast of three actors and four instrumentalists stayed as one throughout the night. This was a critical part of the elation of the evening, the full UrbanArias team’s complete surrender and commitment to that relationship, the force holding, perhaps, the shattered heart together." -DC Metro Theater Arts

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