In Review: Yankovskaya "terrific" in leading "Taking Up Serpents" at WNO

"Lidiya Yankovskaya does a terrific job as a conductor of this score bringing out the many colors and styles of music with her thirteen musicians who prove game to the challenge."

-DC Theatre Scene

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"Conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya ably shaped the score: Its spare orchestration is built on string drones and slithering glissandos and colored with punchy special effects"

-Wall Street Journal

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"The most interesting parts were Sankaram’s atmospheric orchestrations, brought out by Lidiya Yankovskaya in the pit." -Washington Post

Read full review. "Russian conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya made a strong WNO debut at the podium, skillfully bringing together the disparate sounds in the pit." -Washington Classical Review

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