Slack and Outlaw give "powerful" performances in Arizona Opera's "Yardbird"

"Sung by Karen Slack, Addie’s powerful personality reminded me of strong-willed mothers I have known as a teacher. With warm and inviting [...] tones, she sang fervently of raising a black man-child in a world that didn’t always acknowledge the extent of his talent. Thus, she showed a picture of segregated life in the 1950s to 21st century operagoers. . .

Baritone Sidney Outlaw was a recognizable Dizzy Gillespie wearing the expected beret and glasses. He sang with powerful low notes that added intense harmony to the ensembles. Dizzy understood Charlie in a way that few others could because he had similar likes and desires. Dramatically and musically each reflected the other’s personality in a way that strengthened both characterizations." -Opera Wire

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