In Review: Alapont leads "Le nozze di Figaro" at the Teatro Comunale di Treviso

"Great merit, in the success of this Nozze di Figaro, it is up to the stringent conducting of Sergio Alapont, full of fluidity, of clearness, of expressive theatricality. A musical reading that fully captures the spirit of the work, also made of delicious petits riens, with tempi ariosi and determinedly expeditious, which push forward the story; but he never neglects to guide and to support with care the young cast in the grip of a task so demanding."

-Gilberto Moin,

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"If everyone shows off vivid recitatives and full of expressive nuances, the merit is also due to the conducting of Sergio Alapont, attentive to communicative immediacy and to the frenetic theatrical rhythm of the "folle giornata". At the helm of the Orchestra Città di Ferrara, the Spanish conductor therefore proposes a Mozart inclined to a dry drama and a tight narrative trend, without however losing the perspective of the dialectic of the contrasts between the tender and brilliant components. " -Roberto Mori, Connessi all’Opera

Read full review. "On the musical side, the direction of Sergio Alapont stands out for its freshness, effective theatricality and good time keeping. His reading runs in parallel with the turbulent events, fully centering the elan vital of the work. The general performance is always with maximum attention towards young singers." -Luca Benvenuti - Il Sestante News

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