Anderson brings a "powerhouse" performance to "Into the Woods" at Utah Festival

“In terms of powerhouse vocal performances, Olivia Yokers and Alissa Anderson share the spotlight as Cinderella and the Wicked Witch respectively…Ms. Anderson uses the breathtaking range and strength of her operatic mezzo-soprano voice to blow the doors off the Eccles Theatre and nearly succeeds.”

- The Herald Journal

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“Anderson played her own version of the Witch (and not a Bernadette Peters imitation). You see her love for Rapunzel, but you also see her vindictive nature bubble up from time to time. She is cynical and that leads to her be the prototypical over protective parent. Her “Children Will Listen” is part parental lament and warning to Baker as he raises his son.”

-Front Row Reviewers Utah

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“Alissa Anderson was especially fine as the witch”

-Deseret News

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