Nelson and Edelson impress in Opera Saratoga's "The Consul"

"Tenor Tyler Nelson, who played the magician, displayed great sleight of hand, much to the audience’s pleasure and sang quite wonderfully. He took pleasure in his role."

-The Daily Gazette

Read full review. "Lawrence Edelstein’s powerful production is clear and compelling, and he has assembled a team and cast that execute his vision with a fierce commitment to the opera equal to his. . . Tyler Nelson’s Magician was the most complex characterization on stage. He had performed his tricks before nobility but was uncertain that he could pull a visa out of the consul’s hat." -Seen and Heard International

Read full review. "Opera Saratoga production's director, Lawrence Edelson, doesn't push any particular contemporary resonance. He doesn't have to, instead letting magnitude of Magda's growing frustration stand in for all individuals stonewalled by the impersonal, implacable work of faceless bureaucracies run by those who unquestioningly accept that the way things are is better than what they might be. . . Edelson's production is so complete in its grimness that what at first seems like an obligatory moment of comic relief, a magician (Tyler Nelson) who uses his skills to try to win favor from the secretary, feels unwelcome, unnecessary. But there's more at work even there, with his hypnosis of others in the waiting room becoming an unsettling metaphor for the manipulation of the masses by unexpected sources." - Albany Times Union

Read full review.