In Review: Biller and Irvin in Des Moines "Die Fledermaus"

“The cast of Die Fledermaus had great chemistry and comedic timing. Susannah Biller was magnetic and hilarious in her portrayal of Rosalinda. Her music is the most demanding of the operetta but still should not be taken too seriously by the character. Biller's vocal performance was sultry with a touch of humor in her rendition of the famous "Czardas" aria. . . Craig Irvin's portrayal of Frank the prison warden was a personable foil to the other characters" -Schmopera

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“The leading ladies were all stellar. Susannah Biller was a supremely stylish Rosalinda, her uncommonly fine soprano in full service to a notable role traversal. Ms. Biller has gained just a hint of steel in her attractive instrument and the voice was gorgeously “present” throughout the range. She offered confident, idiomatic singing throughout, but never more so than in her beautifully crafted rendition of the Czardas. Her theatrical abandon also enabled a hedonistic, adventurous take on the character, greatly enhanced by her uninhibited display of arguably the best gams in the business.”“Craig Irvin was a rock solid vocal presence as the warden Frank. The tall, dark, and handsome Mr. Irvin deployed his pliable, well-schooled baritone to fine effect as he played a lively part in the intricate plot to contrive identities and ameliorate indiscretions.” -Opera Today Read full review.