In Review: Zabala "shines" in "Fellow Travelers" at Minnesota Opera

"involving and unfailingly well-executed production full of vivid characterizations and outstanding singing…As their lone mutual confidante, Adriana Zabala deftly segues from compassionate support to explosive urgency."

-Rob Hubbard for the St. Paul Pioneer Press,

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"In supporting roles, vibrant mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala excelled as Mary Johnson, a friend of Hawk's who eventually sides with Timothy"

-Terry Blain for the Minneapolis Star Tribune

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"Hawk is a bit of a playboy, and his secretary Mary (the lovely Adriana Zabala) tries to warn Tim.” -CherryAndSpoon

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“Mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala, known and loved by Minnesota Opera fans, shines in a pivotal role as Mary Johnson. She works for Hawk and befriends Tim. Tolerant, compassionate, level-headed and kind, she’s the conscience of the story. And Zabala’s singing is terrific.” -Pamela Espeland for MinnPost Read full review.