In Review: Biller brings "sauce and stamina" to Minnesota Opera's "Don Pasquale

“Norina, whom Pasquale is duped into marrying, was a feisty Hollywood starlet, first spotted in a foam-flecked bathtub, suffused with pink-blush lighting.

Both characters were colorfully sung and acted. Soprano Susannah Biller was a Norina to be reckoned with, slapping, shoving and verbally abusing Pasquale in an effort to secure the quickest divorce in operatic history. Biller’s voice had sauce and stamina, and the technical flexibility to execute the testing trills that Donizetti gave her.” -Star Tribune

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“You’re guaranteed some great performances. It’s not every night that you get to hear Susannah Biller sing such a beautiful rendition of “So anch’io la virtù magica.””

-Twin Cities Arts Reader

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“The patrons raved about the range of each performer and in particular the performances of Craig Colclough and Susannah Biller who received a standing ovation. Susannah Biller played the cunning and malicious character, Norina. Biller’s breathtaking soprano voice filled the theater with opera so beautiful and pleasing that it’s hard to describe. Colclough and Biller created multidimensional moods through harmonious opera, full of havoc and love.” - Asian American Press

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"Soprano Susannah Biller commanded the stage both vocally and physically. Her bold and subtle voice provided the most gripping musical moments of the night and her stage presence was the focal point of the entire show.” - Brian Lenz, Minnesota Playlist Read full review.

“Susannah Biller played Norina, her powerful soprano beautifully delivering her character's part while she had a field day switching personas between her roles as the demure maiden, the shrewish wife, and her free-wheeling actual self.” - Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

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