Opera News deems McIntyre's "Billy Budd" at DMMO "an extraordinary experience&quo

"The weekend concluded July 9 with Kristine McIntyre's spectacular mounting of Benjamin Britten's Billy Budd. DMMO scored a coup in commissioning Britten specialist Steuart Bedford to craft an orchestral reduction that may finally enable other small-scale opera companies to approach the opera. It was stunning... Brumley's design cleverly transformed the playing circle into the bow of the Indomitable. There was a marvelous effect when the exceptional ensemble leapt upon the railing to unleash a mammoth wave of golden sound for "This is Our Moment." Barry Steele's projections left the audience with a final image of Billy vanishing for eternity into the enveloping seas. This Billy Budd was an extraordinary theatrical experience and showed DMMO at its zenith."

- Mark Thomas Ketterson, Opera News Read full review.