In Review: Biller is "delicious" in "The Trial" at Opera Theatre of St. Louis

"The cast is resplendent with wonderful voices. Now this is, for the singers, very difficult music. No hummable Puccini melodies here. Often the vocal line seems unrelated to -- or even in conflict with -- the orchestral music playing beneath it. But these are Olympic singers; they carry it off beautifully. Susannah Biller, an OTSL favorite who showed gentility and nobility in Elixir of Loveand Richard the Lionheart, now bares a quite different aspect. She's simply delicious as Fraülein Bürstner (with whom Josef shares a chaste delicate cartoon kiss) and as the limping nymphomaniac maid, Leni (who spends much of her time tumbling on the floor in sexual abandon with whatever male happens to be near)

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"In the (rather tawdry) roles of Fraulein Burstner and Leni, soprano Susannah Biller showed a very different dramatic side from her clever Adina of “Elixir of Love” and the noble Costanza of “Richard the Lionheart” in 2014 and 2015; she sang beautifully throughout. - Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Read full review. "It helps that the cast is terrific. Everyone is good, but Susannah Biller, who plays two of the main female parts, is especially so. - Sarah Fenske, Riverfront Times

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"there were some real standout performances, including soprano Susannah Biller (Fraulein Bürstner/Leni)" - Peter Matthews,

Read full review. "Tackling two roles herself is Susannah Biller, a soprano whose split time as Leni a nurse and Fräulein Bürstner are captivating." - Rob Levy, Read full review. "The women of the story are blatant seducers and sex objects, Biller had fun with that and completed the excellent young cast." -Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal "An excellent, hard-working cast does what it can to make "The Trial" work, there are fine performances in multiple roles by Susannah Biller, Sofia Selowsky, Brenton Ryan, Keith Phares and Matthew Lau." - John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune Read full review. "Soprano Susannah Biller offered silvery singing and detailed acting in the dual roles of . Fräulein Bürstner and Leni. The latter especially highlighted Ms. Biller’s gifts, allowing not only for awesome vocal flights but also gripping acting." -James Sohre, Opera Today

Read full review. "The seven other performers were all impressively versatile singers and actors, handling the quick character changes with ease. Soprano Susannah Biller played Fraülein Büstner and Huld’s mistress Leni, both of whom find K. irresistible."

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