Chen-Ye Yuan the "highpoint' as Chou En-lai in Houston Grand Opera "Nixon in China&quo

"The high-point of the opera, however, in terms of arias (and this is an opera filled with well-defined arias) was Chen-Ye Yuan as Chou En-lai's toast. He is a baritone of great lyrical skill, seemingly in the early part of his career, but filled with great artistry. As the aria continues and he sings "we have at times been enemies," the passage accumulates extraordinary power. Chen-Ye cast a truly magical spell standing on a row of television sets, with layers of shadows dancing behind him as the toast unfolded." -Houston Culture Map Read full review. "As Chou En-lai, the first Premier of the People’s Republic of China, baritone Chen-ye Yuan likewise held court, his voice teeming with vivid color and a knack for his character’s idiosyncrasies." -Houstonia Magazine Read full review. "Baritone Chen-Ye Yuan, as Premier Chou En-lai, gives this melancholy leader a resonant voice with which to rue what history will say about China and how it got there. His robust voice carries his doubts throughout the Wortham with ease." -Houston Press Read full review.