In Review: Sadler shines as the Marquise in Austin Opera's "La fille du régiment"

"The trio that follows is loads of fun, as the increasingly fraught Marquise attempts to teach the girl to sing properly, despite Sulpice's not-so-subtle melodic interjections of the 21st Regiment's fight song, "Rataplan." Mezzo-soprano Cindy Sadler and bass-baritone Stefano de Peppo know their way around occasionally oversize characters, creating well-rounded, memorable ones whether singing or speaking. Sadler's vapors-prone Marquise evolves into a redoubtable matriarch, and de Peppo's Sulpice shifts with ease between a leader of men and the tender father to the orphan Marie." -Austin Chronicle

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"Donizetti’s comic operas are full of secondary roles that demand experienced and resourceful character actors. Mezzo-soprano Cindy Sadler sparkled as the Marquise de Berkenfield ..."

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