Michael Mayes "sings fearlessly" as Older Thompson in "Glory Denied" with Nashvi

"Baritone Michael Mayes as Older Jim sucked the breath out of the room. More than once. Older Jim's character is the most complex, having endured physical and emotional torture as a POW only to return home for a emotional torture on a different plane. Although Older Jim does not expressly sing, at any point, "Why did I go through all of that? What am I going to do now? If I got through nine years of torture, why can’t I get through this?" Michael Mays gives us all of that subtext in his performance. He sings fearlessly, his voice velvety, vivid, and lush. Vocally, he gets out of his character's way in favor of revealing the range of emotions that Older Jim (or any of us, really) bears at any moment."


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