Lugo makes "vibrant impression with his imposing voice" in ASO "Friedenstag"

"Bass Ricardo Lugo (above), as the opposing general, made a vibrant impression with his imposing voice and intrinsic sense of the drama. He was an excellent foil for Mr. Albert, and, between these two powerhouse voices, they kept our focus on the work keenly secured." -Oberon's Grove Read full review.

"standouts in a strong cast included bass Ricardo Lugo doubling as a stoical Sergeant and the enemy Holsteiner commander in the final confrontation with the Commandant" -New York Classical Review

Read full review. "Most of the other figures are under-characterized, though a few require major voices: the loyal Sergeant and the Holsteiner enemy commander (here doubled by imposing bass Ricardo Lugo, keenly inflecting words)" Read full review.