Biller brings her "purity of tone" to Beth Morisson Project's "Madame White Snake

"Susannah Biller in “Madame White Snake” came out with her character reincarnated as human, and her harvest-moon voice was the warmest and fullest of the three White Snakes. . . . She was splendid in her first scene exalting in her transformation, and pleading with Dong-Jian Gong’s imperious Abbot that she loved Xu Xian." -Boston Globe

Read full review. "In Madame White Snake, Susannah Biller enchanted us with a purity of tone that captured the mesmerizing essence of white snake's power." -The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Read full review. "Susannah Biller, the titular Madame White Snake of the central opera, evinced gleaming purity of tone while presenting a protagonist grown into full awareness of the glamour, seductiveness and enigma of her reclaimed mortality."

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