Excellent reviews for Katherine Whyte as the Countess in Opera Saratoga's "Le nozze di Figa

"If you are looking for emotional depth as well as beautiful singing you will find it in the female roles. Katherine Whyte shows the Countess as an elegant woman with the patience of an angel and the voice to match. Her songs of despair are tender and her moments of forgiveness are touching. Her performance is wonderful." -Troy Record


"Katherine Whyte’s lustrous soprano shone in her few arias as Countess Almaviva" -Daily Gazette


"What really made this performance special were the magical singers who could entrance with their voices while being excellent actors and comedians. . . Two sopranos duetting can be charming, but when Katherine Whyte as Countess Almaviva and Chelsea Basier as her maid-servant Susanna sang together it was thrilling.Several arias stood out for their excellence: the Countess’ (Whyte) solo “Where are those lovely moments of happiness..”"

-Albany Times Union