Cheers to Marco Nisticò, baritone in Florida Grand Opera’s “Don Pasquale”!

“Nisticò played Pasquale’s physician, the crafty Malatesta, with just the right amount of “over the top.” The tall and agile baritone was determined every step of the way, shrewdly manipulating everyone and improvising his way to the happy ending. His resonant voice was an ample match to the other voices, humorous when describing the “angel” he had chosen for Pasquale (“Bella siccome un angelo”), lively in the duet with Norina planning their masquerade for Pasquale (an audience favorite), and keeping up the pattering pace alongside the Don in the plot for revenge on his cheating wife.”

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“Marco Nisticò has the dark baritonal timbre and agile sense of byplay for Dr. Malatesta. He phrased “Belia sicome un angelo” with grace and a fine cantabile line.” -Miami Herald

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