In Review: Faircloth and Wolverton in Arizona Opera’s “Carmen”

“Arizona Opera’s production of Carmen last evening was a superb conglomeration of sexy, violence and art. . .

This production of Carmen, directed by TARA FAIRCLOTH, featured a number of interesting staging elements including a set that, from the audience’s perspective, looked like a long street in Seville, Spain. A large projection backdrop set the mood through symbolic references and vivid sceneries, while costuming was timeless and true to the characters.

Each member of the ensemble proved a necessary part of the performance. . . KARIN WOLVERTON brought a stunning tenderness to the role of Micaëla.

When you go to the opera you expect many things: the stage to feel far removed from reality, the production to be both fantastic and mystical, and to be treated to a spectacle. This was not the experience of going to Carmen, and that was the best part of this interpretation. The characters felt so real and relatable that the audience had no choice but to laugh, cry and empathize with them. The production elements were both modern and rustic, making it easy for the audience to connect on a visceral plane.”

-The Daily Wildcat

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