Simpson and Nelson shine in Castleton Festival “L’heure espagnol”

“TYLER NELSON, who was arresting last year as the ultra-serious Ottavio in Don Giovanni, here pulls out all the stops in a comic role that reminds me of the dandy Dalí played as a young Nathan Lane. In this role, his vocal agility is matched by an astounding and hysterically funny physical inventiveness. He arrives on a bicycle with an extravagant bouquet, pivots, flops, pounces up on a desk like a cat, and blind-staggers when he’s pushed under a tablecloth. . . TYLER SIMPSON is an accomplished bass-baritone who also returns from last year’s success as Leporello in Castleton’s acclaimed Don Giovanni. He can make his characters at once buffoonish and sympathetic as he does here and with his clear, confident voice and dramatic sensibilities.” -DC Theater Scene

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