In Review: Mithra Mastropierro lends her "miracle soprano" to "Norma" at the Nat

“'Miracle' soprano from New York is elusive both vocally and in stage appearance…Mithra Mastropierro impressed with scenic charm and a seductive, voluminous voice…What can one say about this 'miracle' soprano, elusive both vocally and in stage appearance? The range of her voice is one that we have not heard for a long time (maybe never) on the stage of the Osijek theater. Mastropierro gave us a complete interpretation of Norma; all her conflicts, mental, spiritual, physical, etc. It was inner dynamics that like an engine (both in dynamics and technically) grew to the top. Analyzing the acting and vocal appearances of the soloists we see Mithra Mastropierro ahead of all the others! She was impressive in her stage charm, alluring volume of her voice (for example in the aria Casta Diva with an excellent performance of the solo flute), range of voice and complete vocal technique (legato phrases, dynamic nuances, accents and charming interpretative nuances); She fascinated the audience with the highest tones in pianissimo dynamics (she performed them with great ease without changing color). She uses skillful crescendo and decrescendo on one single note in the phrase (which is considered the peak of vocal skillfulness)…” - Glas Slavonije

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