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Thurman and Jeremiah impress in Virginia Opera "Fellow Travelers"

Updated: Feb 17

"The caliber of the vocal ensemble engaged by Virginia Opera for Fellow Travelers reflected the meticulous attention to musical and theatrical values with which the production was planned. . . Lending gravity to each word of the parts entrusted to him, baritone Joshua Jeremiah keenly differentiated his depictions of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, Estonian Frank, and the Interrogator, seeming to bring a unique, apt voice to each of them. The quintessential office gossip who makes all of her colleagues’ affairs her business, the secretary Miss Lightfoot was given unexpected depth by soprano Katrina Thurman, whose singing glistened even when the text that she sang was repulsive."

Voix des Arts

"Like the score, Pierce’s libretto provided full portraits of the major characters, as well as telling vignettes for the supporting players. Among the latter, bass Joshua Jeremiah stood out as Senator McCarthy and the Interrogator, as did Katrina Thurman as the unpleasant Miss Lightfoot."

Dc Theater Arts

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