In Review: Gartland and McIntyre in DMMO world premiere of "A Thousand Acres"

"Another singer that has thrilled DMMO audiences on many occasions, Sara Gartland has returned to deliver a stunning turn as sister Rose. Her gleaming lyric soprano has ample weight and a well-schooled technique to enable her to envelop the rangy demands of the writing in a secure blanket of creamy, evenly produced singing from top to bottom and back again. Laser-focused thrills in the upper reaches? Check. Sizzling statements in chest voice? Check. Ravishing coloration? Arching outpourings? Giddy prankishness? Check, check, check. The sisterly duets between Quagliata and Gartland were among the show’s high points, of which there are many. . . Director Kristine McIntyre once again exceeded her own high bar. Her overall success at drawing such uniformly detailed, internalized and deeply personal performances from her cast speaks volumes to the depth of her talent. Ms. McIntyre also has a keen eye for stage pictures and the practical use of this particular space, Simpson College’s Pote Theatre. She knows the idiosyncrasies of the theatre well and makes efficient and varied use of its trap door, thrust, and adjoining proscenium stage."

Opera Today