"As Figaro, bass-baritone Calvin Griffin delivered a performance that could have been on any opera stage in the world. He sang with a sturdy and even sound from the top to the bottom of his voice and brought colorful diction and easy freedom to the part. . . Susannah B...


"All of that is the world we see. But we really came to hear. And the voices in this stellar cast do not disappoint. Most remarkable, I think, is soprano Susannah Biller as the Countess. Hers is a flexible talent: on this stage she has sung for us the lovely Adina in E...


"But it's the cast who bring the characters to full and breathing life. Bouley's Marcello is perhaps my personal favorite. He is boisterous with a heart as big as France, is rich baritone gets you right in the feels."
- Broadway World

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"the petulant dram...


“Soprano Susannah Biller did the role of Madame White Snake full justice.”
-Peter Gordon, Asian Review of Books

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"Dan Packard and Kitty Packard were played by Craig Irvin and Susannah Biller. The pair hammed up their parts in a wonderful presentation of a nouveau riche couple; Dan, loud, brash and unsophisticated, despite efforts to appear to the contrary; Kitty, spoilt, crude an...


"Soprano Susannah Biller was irresistible as Kitty Packard (the role that was played by Jean Harlow in the movie), the airhead and unfaithful wife of Dan Packard (tenor Craig Irvin), wearing frilly dressing gowns all day and eating chocolates in bed from a huge, heart-...


"Falstaff is truly an ensemble opera, demanding solid acting and singing in even the smallest roles, and OC gave Edwards everything a director could wish for. Dana Beth Miller’s Quickly nearly stole the show, easily projecting her impeccably controlled mezzo to the far...


“The cast of Die Fledermaus had great chemistry and comedic timing. Susannah Biller was magnetic and hilarious in her portrayal of Rosalinda. Her music is the most demanding of the operetta but still should not be taken too seriously by the character. Biller's vocal pe...


“Alongside Sigurdarson, some noteworthy voices shone. At the top of the list for unwavering consistency and interpretation, there was silken soprano Susannah Biller as the winsome ingénue Nannetta, hearty mezzo-soprano Dana Beth Miller as the nettlesome Dame Quickly......


"The opera, Der Ring Des Polykrates, on the other hand was simply enchanting with an outstanding cast...The cast is uniformly strong and all the singers are perfectly cast. They look like the parts they are playing and have strong enough voices to sail over Korngold’s...

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