"It’s not hard to see how he won over Mary, played by the marvelous Adriana Zabala. (Zabala’s Act II aria, “I worry, that’s all,” is another distinct pleasure.) ...baritone Sidney Outlaw shine as a wisecracking secretary and a political puppeteer."

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"Bass Sidney Outlaw attacked his pieces with consummate diction and exceptional accuracy in runs and well-focused brilliance at the top of his range, all heard to pleasing effect in “Why Do the Nations.”" 
-Washington Classical Review

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"Soprano Karin Wolverton dazzled in Minnesota Opera’s “Silent Night” and shines as Fiordiligi. . . Baritone Sidney Outlaw and tenor Javier Abreu ham it up as Guglielmo and Ferrando. They’re never evil, just young and kind of dumb, led around and misled by Don Alfonso....


"Sung by Karen Slack, Addie’s powerful personality reminded me of strong-willed mothers I have known as a teacher. With warm and inviting [...] tones, she sang fervently of raising a black man-child in a world that didn’t always acknowledge the extent of his talent. Th...


"The outstanding mezzo-soprano Rebecca Ringle, her voice dark and warm and a tangible anchor in the ensembles. . . As Wright, the fine baritone Sidney Outlaw . . .The whole thing was, though, a generally intense and pleasurable musical experience in the hands of UrbanA...


"Soprano Emily Birsan possibly achieved the finest work yet seen from this young singer. Her voice was bright and glittering in the coloratura of “Je veux vivre” and she displayed surprising body in her middle register for the potion aria. Juliette’s developmental arc...


"A number of the performers, through strong singing and dramatic conviction, surmounted the hurdles the maladroit production placed in their paths. . . Sidney Outlaw, as Jake, sang “It take a long pull to get there” with anthemic authority." -Opera News

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“Sidney Outlaw’s brought a rich baritone to the brooding role of Golaud, and projected the clearest diction of the evening. He clearly delineated the path from enthrallment with Melisande, to eventual jealousy and rage.” -Opera Today

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“Baritone Sidney Outlaw used his even and rich voice with great skill pulling off some really fast passages with remarkable clarity. Outlaw has had a flair for comedy since CVNC first reviewed him when he was a UNC-G undergraduate.” -Classical Voice North Carolina


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