"The two are given handsome visual presentations. . . Kristine McIntyre’s staging, some points aside, is imaginative, again, especially in Pagliacci. (Giving the Prologue an anticipatory staging of its own was especially clever.) . . . The vocal cast is excellent throu...


"Under the sure hands of stage director Tara Faircloth and conductor Timothy Myers, these one-act operas spanned a broad emotional range with tight drama, good pacing and imaginative charm . . . Scott Piper sang Canio with palpable menace. Piper’s “Vesti la giubba” was...


“Scott became the perfect Otello. His presence on stage, the powerful hero, the ardent lover and the jealously-infected victim, requires vocal intensity and dramatic acting. Scott dissects every one of his characters. In his Otello, we saw love, witnessed attack by Iag...


The Great Falls Symphony welcomed tenor Scott Piper’s return this week. Read the feature article on Scott here…

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