"Mr. Burns Leporello, written brilliantly by Mozart to be wise and world-weary, as well as comically put upon, delivered on his character and singing to great achievement, stealing many scenes."

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“Figaro’s nemesis, Dr. Bartolo, is sung by Matthew Burns in a bass-baritone that brings another dimension of smart joy to the performance. Burns elicits some of the evening’s biggest laughs.”
-The Roanoke Times

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"In playing Belcore, Corey Crider unleashes a rich baritone voice that's almost too profound for his character. And Crider made the most of the comedic possibilities in a soldier who loves women — a lot — but loves himself much more. Likewise, Matthew Burns delighted t...


"Stage director Brian Stauffenbiel told Poe's story in a straightforward manner, which lent a solid footing to the unearthly aspects of the story. . . Burns sang with a wiry bass voice that fit well into the concept of a comic ghost who was more afraid of the teenage t...


"mezzo-soprano Cassandra Zoe Velasco’s brilliant portrayal of Rosina. Refreshingly, Velasco’s Rosina is not the boring, innocent girl without desire, she is a bold character, playing on her sexuality and passion to get her way in the end. . . Matthew Burns’ Doctor Bart...


“Bass-baritone Matthew Burns roared with arrogant bluster as Bottom, the vain know-it-all who leads the “Rude Mechanicals” troupe by bad example. In his movements and overall stage presence, too, he led the cast in the comedy.” -Washington Classical Review

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"All praise goes to the cast, who gave this material their full commitment. . . Matthew Burns was appropriately sinister as Dr. Primus. . . Kudos to the cast, with special mentions to . . . Matthew Burns as Sir Simon, whose comedic gifts stole the show." 

-New York...


"As Bégearss, bass-baritone Matthew Burns was particularly powerful in his upper range and remarkably gripping in his raging moments before his final exit. . . . Mezzo Marie Lenormand immediately conjured a vibrant and characterful Suzanne."

-Joshua Rosenblum, Opera New...


"Bass-baritone Matthew Burns is equally charming as the Don's long-suffering sidekick, Leporello; the two men are so well-matched physically and vocally that their pranking of Donna Elvira late in the show is completely plausible." -Salt Lake Tribune

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"The evening’s real strengths proved to be . . . Matthew Burns as Dr. Bartolo, who in this production, and thanks to Burns’s strong performance, became the comic focus. Bartolo was reimagined as a stuffy eye doctor with a penchant for chickens (why chickens? well, why...

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