"Billie, the hardscrabble mother (the feisty, rich-voiced soprano Karen Slack), works in a chicken factory to keep her family fed and as stable as possible."
-The New York Times

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"The gifted soprano Julia Bullock shines in her role...So does dark-voiced...


"The score makes generous use of polyphony and call and response. Robbins’ widow Serena (soprano Karen Slack) fired off vocal pyrotechnics during her aria, “My Man’s Gone Now.” Some moments felt oddly upbeat, but the virtuosic solo was a reminder that coloratura is not...


“Soprano Karen Slack as the Eternal Mother was love in sound in an aria about a vision of the New Being and a world “undivided by power, fear, and greed.”"

-The Philadelphia Inquirer

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"Mayes is the quintessential De Rocher. He has performed the role in eight productions, and to date, nobody does it better. Mayes inhabits the role completely, the way a hand fits a glove.Barton and Mayes make for a compelling team, leading what can credibly be called...


"Sung by Karen Slack, Addie’s powerful personality reminded me of strong-willed mothers I have known as a teacher. With warm and inviting [...] tones, she sang fervently of raising a black man-child in a world that didn’t always acknowledge the extent of his talent. Th...


"Karen Slack, as Emile’s mother Emelda, has some of Blanchard’s most beautiful music and she performed it with a warm and rich voice." -Opera News

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"By far the most persuasive singing came courtesy of soprano Karen Slack, who embraced the arduous assignment of Emile’s mother Emelda – a personality by turns repulsive, pathetic, and finally capable of surprising sympathy – with exceptional interpretive instincts and...


"Soprano Karen Slack, as Emelda, the absentee mother who abandoned Griffith and six other illegitimate children in their native Virgin Islands, beautifully atones for her negligence with a soaring aria about “seven babies in the sun” that brought down the house Friday...


"Soprano Karen Slack, who was the role of Serena, gave a notably heartbreaking performance of “My Man’s Gone Now.” Her powerful voice and expressiveness sent a wave of anguish over the audience. As Slack sang about the heart-wrenching grief of a widow, I found my own h...


"Minnesota Opera has put together an excellent ensemble . . . It’s clearly a difficult score to sing, which makes this production’s performances all the more impressive. Catherine Martin has a clear, powerful mezzo-soprano voice and offered a disarmingly natural charac...

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