"Rainelle Krause is a catalog of facets as she presents a diverse Pat Nixon, at once deferent and astute, aloof and canny, and ready for any role presented to her. Best of all is how Krause finds the hominess in Mrs. Nixon while honing in on her skillful intelligence....


"The evening’s Don Giovanni was Mexican-American Richard Ollarsaba who brought an Iberian flavor to what is, after all, a Spanish part, more a Don Juan than a Don Giovanni. His was a brooding, if mellifluous, presence. He was well-paired with the energetic and comedic...


"An excess of riches, no question about it. And that included the somewhat ethical assassin, Sparafucile. Joseph Barron’s rich bass-baritone made his scenes ring with threat and menace (while still sounding gorgeous). And his singing in the Act three quartet helped mak...


"The cast was strong from top to bottom, led by the enthusiastic portrayal of Figaro by Joseph Barron, whose bright, focused singing was suited to the role; his Figaro was believably enamored of his Susanna."
-Opera News

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"Tenor Clay Hilley . . . communicated Dimitrij's sincerity and sang the beleaguered leader's difficult, high-lying music with musical skill, emotional investment and attractive tone quality. Hilley's Wagnerian potential extends to clear suitability for several Slavic r...


"Andreassen wrestles with the complexities and ambiguities of Rocco's character, presenting him as an ultimately compassionate man trapped as an agent of a corrupt system. His solidly supported bass rings out in sonorous waves; his duets with Barron, a lyrical bass-bar...


"As Leporello, bass-baritone Joseph Barron was an audience favorite, offering a portrayal as humorous as it was richly sung. It is a shame that his aria “Ah pietà signori miei” was omitted. Missing also was “Dalla sua pace”, another artistic miscalculation as tenor Tyl...


"Joseph Barron’s muscular bass-baritone and flair for dynamic phrasing made him a commanding Kaspar." -Opera News

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"Joseph Barron (Kaspar, the man under the devil's power who attempts to exchange his soul for Max's) likewise delivered a strong and convin...


"Mezzo-soprano Audrey Babcock gives Donna Elvira more of a spine than many directors often allow. As such she serves as an ultimate foil to Giovanni, not the mere doormat that he has used and tossed aside. Elvira still provides many of the humorous moments in the opera...


"Joseph Barron's Swallow also stood out for immaculate verbal clarity and vocal quality and steadiness." -Opera News

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