"Two finer men could not have been cast for the leading roles of the lovers, Hawk and “Skippy.” Baritone Jesse Blumberg, as the super-confident Hawk Fuller. . . looked gorgeous and sang that way as well."

-Opera News

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"Jesse Blumberg brought a handsome baritone voice"
-Seen and Heard International

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"The splendid results speak for themselves, and Cleveland’s Baroque Orchestra and Apollo’s Singers, headlined by soprano Molly Netter, countertenor Daniel Moody, tenor Step...


“As Hawk, baritone Jesse Blumberg was delightful and immediately engaging: his dark, broad sound easily provided solid basis for a believable, seductive swagger. Blumberg’s interpretation matures with his character: circumstance tempers his initial confidence and Blumb...


"Jesse Blumberg’s Atalante proved appealingly versatile: sinister in his Act 1 appearances, elegant and suave in Act 2’s “Che bella preda,” and mining the Handelian brio of Act 3’s “Mal concertate moli” with cool charm."
-Boston Classical Review

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"From the moment we began to hear Blumberg's well-rounded low notes, I knew that he could rank among the best basses I've heard live in Messiah . . . the range, authority, and sheer beauty of Blumberg's singing were nonpareil. Coupled with Wilson's virtuosity, Blumberg...


"but the baritone Jesse Blumberg stole the show with his bass arias, strong yet deeply expressive and smartly modulated."

-The New York Times

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"Jesse Blumberg, as Burke, sang with smooth tone and a surprising touch of humanity. Though he is the one who actually committed most of the murders, Blumberg found a sort of hidden innocence in the character. . . Set up behind the stage, the orchestra, led by David An...


"In casting the male romantic lead as a baritone rather than the traditional high tenor, Campra broke with the tradition established by Lully and his contemporaries. Jesse Blumberg’s beautiful high notes and clear low range, along with highly nuanced and expressive del...


"Baritone Jesse Blumberg’s Lucifer sounded both suave and demonic, with a liquid upper register and wondrously cavernous low notes" -San Francisco Chronicle

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"Jesse Blumberg is solid and convincing as Oronte, another hero vying for Créuse’s attentions. Every voice on stage was beautifully modulated and clarion, from the largest role to the smallest" -The Globe and Mail

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