"Director Tara Faircloth used the supporting cast to advantage in a production that was at once fairly conventional — set around the time the opera was written, in the early 20th century — and quietly inventive, particularly in its use of the backstage area in Act II,...


"Mayes makes for a compellingly sinister and seething Sweeney, internally miserable but taking an outwardly visible delight in planning and exacting his revenge; his strongest emotional attachment is, believably, to his razors."
 -Atlanta Journal Constitution

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‘“Florida” certainly had strong moments, not least Florida herself: Sharin Apostolou was terrific playing a curious, vibrant teenager with a vivid and seemingly tireless soprano voice. . . "Ian McEuen offered a firm, darkening tenor and a range of brief, vivid characte...


"Ian McEuen returns to the WNO stage as Goro and fares well in this stylized version of Madame Butterfly, scooting around the stage, rapping open a fan loudly, and in other ways manipulating his every deal with crisp visual clarity."- DC Theatre Scene

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"Another standout contribution was the Toby of Ian McEuen, another performer who completely understood the style." -Opera News

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"Ricardo Lugo’s huge bass perfectly fits Timur, the blind, banished king of Tartary and Calaf’s long-lost father." -The Virginian-Pilot

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"Rounding out the quartet of principals, Ricardo Lugo was excellent in the small but important role of Timur, Calàf’...


"The excellent cast (the patient, his wife and the doctor) does its best to interact with the 180 degrees of audience, and the hour-long piece goes by quickly. Tenor Ian McEuen (Sacks)  . . .  is a gifted, natural performer. . . Wood, the company’s founder, conducted w...


“[…] it is astonishing to note how significantly a good Goro can heighten the impact of a performance of the opera, and North Carolina Opera had in tenor Ian McEuen a singer who upheld the seldom-equaled standard of Piero de Palma.[…] his portrayal of Goro was distingu...


"CHAD SLOAN was a sparkling Papageno with a robust voice who never stopped moving. He made you believe he could easily capture the most elusive birds with his bare hands.. . A fine bass, NICHOLAS MASTERS sang his character’s views passionately with robust bronze tonal...

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