"Ollarsaba's speech and demeanor made him an imposing pillar of gravitas and authority amidst those hamming it up as though in a silent movie. He spoke lines furthering the plot until unveiling a powerful and attractive voice in the work's only aria, which comes in the...


“The cast of Die Fledermaus had great chemistry and comedic timing. Susannah Biller was magnetic and hilarious in her portrayal of Rosalinda. Her music is the most demanding of the operetta but still should not be taken too seriously by the character. Biller's vocal pe...


"Stage director Brian Stauffenbiel told Poe's story in a straightforward manner, which lent a solid footing to the unearthly aspects of the story. . . Burns sang with a wiry bass voice that fit well into the concept of a comic ghost who was more afraid of the teenage t...


"involving and unfailingly well-executed production full of vivid characterizations and outstanding singing…As their lone mutual confidante, Adriana Zabala deftly segues from compassionate support to explosive urgency."

-Rob Hubbard for the St. Paul Pioneer Press,

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"Sara Gartland was masterful in the title role of the opera. She beautifully portrayed Rusalka's journey from restless optimist to defeated outcast. Gartland sounded reserved at the beginning of the famous "Song to the Moon," but as the aria progressed, her voice bloss...


"Mayes makes for a compellingly sinister and seething Sweeney, internally miserable but taking an outwardly visible delight in planning and exacting his revenge; his strongest emotional attachment is, believably, to his razors."
 -Atlanta Journal Constitution

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"John Riesen, a tenor who will assume the role of the title character in Candide, gave a commanding performance of “Maria” from West Side Story at the Sing-In"

 -Chautauqua Daily

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"Some of the saltier characters have some of the best music of the evening. At the top of that list is Arnalta, Poppea’s cheeky Nurse, whose lullaby, ‘Obblivion soave’, would be welcomed by anyone at bedtime, especially as delivered by the superb mezzo-soprano Rebecca...


"Cassandra Zoe Velasco, playing Pia’s brother Rodrigo, was stunning. Her voice is not unlike the great Maria Callas, with the familiar timbre of a mezzo as well as amazing coloratura and dazzling high notes. Velasco's voice is perfect for the role of Rodrigo"

-The Post...


Entering our fifth season, Resonance Works is a multi-modal professional performing arts company which presents a varied season of artist-driven programming blurring the lines across traditional classical music genres. We create our seasons to showcase outstanding prof...

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