• Biterolf's Lied from Tannhäuser
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"Actually, the opera should not be called Tosca, but Scarpia. Scarpia becomes the main character in this production, not only due to the the direction, but also due to the singer-actor in the role. Seth Carico is such a fantastic singer-actor that you might momentarily...


"As Sancho Panza, Seth Carico gives a vital, powerful, benevolently present performance of the servant who, shaking his head, follows his master into his consuming madness, but remains faithful even beyond his master's death. Carico dominates his idiomatic performance...


"Minnesota Opera has put together an excellent ensemble . . . It’s clearly a difficult score to sing, which makes this production’s performances all the more impressive. Catherine Martin has a clear, powerful mezzo-soprano voice and offered a disarmingly natural charac...


"There were fantastic vocal performances in each main role, and dramatic chorus added heft to the villainy. . . Gunther is probably the best drawn character in Götterdämmerung, as he is the only one struggling with an internal conflict. He is in a powerful position, bu...


"Nilon captures the vulnerable, earnest, demonic nature of the protagonist but is nearly upstaged by house ensemble member Seth Carico, who slips between roles as the elderly fop, old gondolier, hotel manager, barber, leader of the players and Dionysus with a rich bari...

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