"The high-point of the opera, however, in terms of arias (and this is an opera filled with well-defined arias) was Chen-Ye Yuan as Chou En-lai's toast. He is a baritone of great lyrical skill, seemingly in the early part of his career, but filled with great artistry. A...


“Chen-Ye Yuan’s moving final aria leaves us with Chou En Lai’s unforgettable image of the chill of grace heavy on the morning grass. Ultimately, despite spectacular chorus work and a virtuoso APO coaxed by maestro Joseph Mechavich to run from shimmer to shout within a...


“Singing Mr. and Mrs. Umeya, Sun’s Japanese protectors, CHEN YE YUAN and apprentice Katherine Carroll provide a vivid presence.”– Santa Fe Reporter

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“Supportive amiability and a bit of comic relief were provided in the bouncy lines of baritone CHEN YE YU...

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